Coroglen HIstory

In the early 1800's Gumtown (Coroglen) was described as a 'bustling village of timber - millers, bushmen, gumdiggers and goldminers.'

A small steamer called by three times a week from Whitianga and each day up to fifty pack horses could be seen going up the 'Gentle Annie' track to the camps in the surrounding hills.

Gumtown was the 'frontier' township for the many timber camps in the interior. During the era of kauri timber and kauri gum tremendous log drives came down the Waiwawa river from the extensive forests.

It has been calculated that if all of the kauri logs that have passed through Gumtown were placed end to end they would stretch from Auckland to Invercargill. Today Coroglen (officially changed to Coroglen in 1922) is the centre of a farming community, and there is little to remind the traveller of the township in it's hayday.